We’re a smart platform that makes gifting easy and sustainable.

kidcrowd is a website that lets friends and the whole family support and save for kids important milestones.

It’s online giving, to reward and celebrate major events and achievements. You’re also reducing landfill and your carbon footprint.

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kidcrowd is a free to use, online gifting platform.

We are on a mission to reduce gifting wastage, and let children use their own savings to buy the gift they really want.

kidcrowd is here to change the way we buy gifts for children. Our aims are simple:

  • To support futures, not landfill
  • To reduce carbon footprint when gifting
  • To teach children the value of money 
  • To encourage children to save money
  • To ease the stress of rushing around to find an appropriate gift

We’re on a mission to reduce waste, and let kids use their own savings to buy the gift they really want.

Let your child use their own savings to buy the gift they really want.

kidcrowd = win, win, win (yay!) 🎉

Parents win

No more rushing around trying to find a present for your child’s friends.

Kids win

Your child can use their money to buy the item they really want, teaching the value of money.

The environment wins

We’re putting a stop to buying throwaway plastics and unnecessary wrapping papers.

How does kidcrowd work?

It’s almost too easy! Just take a look…


Sign up to kidcrowd and click create a crowd


Add details such as your child’s birthday, what they’d love to buy with their birthday money and a photo of them.


Send out your unique crowd link to friends and family, and explain you and your child are doing presents a little differently this year!

Why use kidcrowd?

Environmental Crisis 2020

🗑️ Over 108 million rolls of wrapping paper THROWN AWAY every year

📦 5.1 tonnes of unwanted gifts end up in landfill every year

💰 £5 billion is spent on unwanted gifts

🎁 £700 million wasted on unused gifts

🗃️ £250 million is wasted on unused gift cards per year

♻️ Parents reduce their carbon footprint

Finding the right gift is tough

🦖 8 out of 10 mums say their child receives too much plastic that they never play with for their birthday

⌛ Finding an appropriate present for your child to take to a party is stressful

💳 According to 86% of polls on Netmums, giving cash in a card is seen as thoughtless and lazy