How does it work?

kidcrowd lets a group of people contribute to a gift or occasion. You can get started now by creating a crowd

For parents…


Create an account.
We just need your name and email address.


Connect with Stripe.

We use Stripe as our payment gateway so that you can access money gifted to your child in a secure and easy way. Stripe is regulated by the FCA, and used by some of the UK’s biggest brands.

You’ll be asked to provide the account number and sort code for the account you’d like your child’s birthday money paid into.

Then you’ll be asked to verify your account with two forms of ID.

This process eliminates identity fraud and means your details are safe and secure.


Create a crowd.

Creating a crowd is simple!

Just add your child’s name, the date of their next birthday, the age they’re turning and what they are hoping to save for!

Once you’ve created your crowd, you can add an image of your child as the cover photo

Important info: your child’s birthday must be more than two weeks into the future at the time of creating the crowd.


Send out your unique link to friends and family.

That’s it. You’re all set up and ready to go!

We recommend sending your link to friends and family at the same time as sending out party invitations for your child.

kidcrowd – win, win, win (yay!) 🎉

Parents win

No more rushing around trying to find a present for your child’s friends.

Kids win

Your child can use their money to buy the item they really want, teaching the value of money.

The environment wins

We’re putting a stop to buying throwaway plastics and unnecessary wrapping papers.