Our story

The vision behind the perfect present platform that lets adults gift meaningfully and sustainability.

Our mission

We’re built on the belief that we should gift meaningfully, sustainably and encourage kids to save money.

Our vision

We want to change the way we buy gifts for children so that we can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. By doing this, we’re building a better environment for our children to grown up in, and teaching the value of money to children from an early age.

Did you know, £41.70 is being spent on each disliked presents!

With £41.70 being spend on disliked presents, that comes out at an estimated £5.03 billion that’s is going down the drain.

So what do people do with these unwanted gifts?

  • 23.20% kept them
  • 22.50% regifted them
  • 21.87% donated them
  • 11.31% sold them for money
  • 9.86% exchanged them
  • 6.13% threw them away
  • 4.68% gave the unwanted present back
  • 0.44% other


*Data from Finder.com 2020 can be found here.

Unfortunately the worst give givers are your friends with almost one in three unwanted gifts come from friends with family not far behind.

This is why we have created kidcrowd, a place where you can give a child the gift they actually want to receive.

kidcrowd = win, win, win (yay!) 🎉

Parents win

No more rushing around trying to find a present for your child’s friends.

Kids win

Your child can use their money to buy the item they really want, teaching the value of money.

The environment wins

We’re putting a stop to buying throwaway plastics and unnecessary wrapping papers.